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LEGO Minifigure photography

LEGO, LEGO, LEGO. The inanimate love of my life.

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Health tracking tools: 5 geeky wellness apps and gizmos

One of my previous goal projects was to exercise more though, more broadly, I was interested in improving my overall health and wellness through more frequent, targeted exercise and…

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Taking a slight departure from the goal-related ground I normally cover, I wanted to write a mini post about some useful Instagram tools I’ve recently discovered which can…

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Inspiration: Two Super Geek Bloggers

I have promised for some time to write a post about some super geek bloggers: The inspiring geeks-with-goals I’ve discovered about the interwebs. Here’s a post about two…

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Run vs Run: An exercise goal review

Having just completed my second 10km fun run (the 2012 B&E Hobart Run The Bridge) I take a quick look at the progress I’ve made in the last 12 months –…

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This geek’s ULTIMATE goals

Let’s talk ultimate goals. I’m a big believer in the power of segmenting overwhelming, prolonged tasks in to smaller chunks. This approach has gotten me a fair way…

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My “Must Watch” list

Last year, I almost slipped during my quest to read more, save wisely and exercise regularly by letting myself consider all the “must-see” movies I’ve never, well, seen….

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10 comes before 30

When I started this blogging project I declared that I would finish a 10km road race before I turned 30 and for this non-sporty geek, 10km was always…

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Review: Axis of Deceit

It’s been a good month for my goal keeping and I am enjoying, more and more, the satisfied feeling that comes with knowing I am finishing what I have…

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Review: In My Skin

Folks, I’m back! Having decided to return to my blog after quite a break, I peered into my post drafts folder and discovered I had started, and not…

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5 Star Review: The Family Law

I’m now 6 books in to my 52 book challenge for the year. Yes. I know. I’m drastically behind and I need to improve my batting average quickly if I am…

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When Harry and Sally distracted Mark

I know it’s only April. I know I am falling behind in my goal keeping efforts for 2011. I know I’m easily distracted and that the whole point…

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Review: The Museum of Thieves

After a blogging hiatus (and for hiatus, please read “I’ve been slack”) I wanted to spend some time telling you about the last three books I have read….

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A milestone mini-goal: My first road race!

Last Sunday, I held myself to a commitment I made in late 2011: to complete my first road race.

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Review: Preincarnate

I’ve finished book number three in my fifty-two book 2011 reading challenge and I’m pleased to report I’m still on track.  Here’s my mini-review of Shaun Micallef’s début…

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Why start a goals blog?

It’s not often I have what Oprah would call an “Aha Moment.” Here’s the story of the time I did, which led to my decision to start my…