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Category: Exercise

Tips and thoughts for geeks wanting to improve their health through the use of gadgets, apps and supportive communities.

Health tracking tools: 5 geeky wellness apps and gizmos

One of my previous goal projects was to exercise more, though, more broadly, I was interested in improving my overall health and wellness through more frequent, targeted exercise and cleaner eating. Looking through the drafts folder, I found this post on nerdy tracking tools and thought it was worth sharing. This post looks at 5 of the gadgets and health tracking tools I use to follow my progress.

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Run vs Run: An exercise goal review

Having just completed my second 10km fun run (the 2012 B&E Hobart Run The Bridge) I take a quick look at the progress I’ve made in the last 12 months – Run vs run style!

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10 comes before 30

When I started this blogging project I declared that I would finish a 10km road race before 30 years of age. And for this non-sporty geek, 10km was always going to challenge me. Well, I turn 30 in a weeks time, and I’m happy to report …

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A milestone mini-goal: My first road race!

Last Sunday, I held myself to a commitment I made in late 2011: to complete my first road race.

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